More schools that forced American Indian children to assimilate revealed

A nonprofit Native American group has found details about 115 more Indian boarding schools in the United States.

By Dana Hedgpeth and Emmanuel MartinezAugust 30, 2023

Martha Stewart put an iceberg in her drink. Experts say it’s no big deal.

Martha Stewart caused an internet kerfuffle Monday with an Instagram post of her holding a drink that she said was chilled with part of “a small iceberg.”

By Jonathan EdwardsAugust 30, 2023

He was arrested for a covid joke. It was free speech, court rules.

More than three years after Waylon Bailey faced a felony terrorism charge for making a joke on Facebook, an appeals court ruled that he was arrested wrongfully.

By Kyle MelnickAugust 30, 2023

How a medical mystery led to a wriggling, parasitic worm in a woman’s brain

O. robertsi, a species of parasitic roundworm, typically reside in the stomachs of carpet pythons, which are common in Australia.

By Daniel WuAugust 30, 2023

Five late-night hosts will debut podcast to benefit striking writers

All the proceeds from “Strike Force Five” will benefit the late-night shows’ workers who are affected by the strikes, Spotify said.

By Praveena SomasundaramAugust 30, 2023

11 injured in ‘severe turbulence’ on Delta flight from Milan to Atlanta

There were 165 people aboard the flight that landed safely in Atlanta. Crew members and passengers are among the injured.

By Andrew JeongAugust 30, 2023

Idalia gains steam, expected to hit Gulf Coast as Category 4 hurricane

Across the state, many residents evacuated in the face of the storm, but others decided to try to ride it out.

By Lori Rozsa, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Danielle Paquette and Annie GowenAugust 29, 2023

Denver to pay $4.7M over claims curfew targeted George Floyd protesters

The suit over curfew arrests is one of several cases in which police have come under scrutiny for cracking down on BLM protests following George Floyd’s murder.

By Niha MasihAugust 29, 2023

Antiabortion activist who kept fetuses convicted of blocking clinic

Lauren Handy and four others were found guilty of violating a federal law that prohibits threats to and obstruction of a person seeking reproductive health care.

By Keith L. AlexanderAugust 29, 2023

UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student charged with murder of professor

Tailei Qi, a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a faculty member.

By Paulina VillegasAugust 29, 2023

Why a DOJ lawyer questioned a Trump case witness at the White House

Republicans call the White House session evidence of political interference. But legal experts say it’s standard to interview government workers at their offices.

By Perry Stein, Tyler Pager and Devlin BarrettAugust 29, 2023

Tennessee lawmakers end special session without significant gun measures

The session was called by GOP Gov. Bill Lee, but his party’s lawmakers turned aside changes sought by him and relatives of the Covenant School shooting victims.

By Annie GowenAugust 29, 2023

TV news crew robbed at gunpoint while reporting on armed robberies

A crew for Spanish-language TV station Univision Chicago was about to report on a string of robberies when they became part of the story.

By Timothy BellaAugust 29, 2023

3 things to do if you’re caught in an active shooter situation

Some forethought may save time and allow you to act wisely rather than panic, according to active-shooter survival trainers and law enforcement officers.

By Bonnie Berkowitz and Marissa VoneshAugust 29, 2023

In photos: Floridians along the Gulf Coast brace for Hurricane Idalia

Idalia strengthened into a hurricane overnight and is forecast to intensify even more before slamming Florida’s northern Gulf Coast and Big Bend area as a Category 3 storm Wednesday morning.

By Washington Post StaffAugust 29, 2023

Carlsen and Niemann settle chess feud after cheating claims and lawsuit

Hans Niemann, Magnus Carlsen and reached an agreement to end a year-long feud sparked by accusations Niemann cheated to beat Carlsen in a tournament.

By Daniel WuAugust 29, 2023

Republican lawmakers vote to silence ‘Tennessee Three’ Democrat for a day

Rep. Justin Jones (D-Nashville) was ruled “out of order” in the state House after objecting to a bill proposing the installation of armed police officers at schools.

By Andrew JeongAugust 29, 2023

West Point held a ceremony to open a time capsule. It was full of mud.

The U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., had promoted the reveal of a nearly 200-year-old box found under a statue of Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

By Kyle MelnickAugust 29, 2023

Florida warns of fuel contamination as Tropical Storm Idalia approaches

Diesel and regular gas were switched in a shipment to 29 stations along the Gulf Coast, officials said, with Idalia projected to hit Florida as a hurricane.

By Lyric LiAugust 28, 2023

Jacksonville confronts the pain of racial killings and demands action

Black residents, whose community has long been targeted by racist attacks, said the weekend’s deadly shooting requires action against white supremacy.

By Brittany ShammasAugust 28, 2023