Sarah Kaplan

Washington, D.C.

Climate and science reporter

Education: Georgetown University, B.S. in International Culture and Politics

Sarah Kaplan is a climate reporter covering humanity's response to a warming world. She previously reported on Earth science and the universe.
Latest from Sarah Kaplan

What Arctic ice tells us about climate change

I went with scientists to study a remote part of the Greenland ice sheet. Here’s what I learned, and why it matters for the rest of the world.

August 29, 2023

    Scientists drill Greenland to predict sea level rise

    Climate reporter Sarah Kaplan reports from the Greenland Ice Sheet where researchers drill deep into the ice with hopes to better understand climate change.

    August 26, 2023

    Buried under the ice

    Scientists journeyed to Greenland in an unprecedented experiment to drill for rocks beneath the ice sheet. But a crack in the ice threatened their mission — and their ability to predict the fate of the warming world.

    August 25, 2023

    Scientists detect sign that a crucial ocean current is near collapse

    A new analysis suggests climate change could shut down the circulation of Atlantic Ocean currents by 2050. But outside researchers say more data is needed.

    July 25, 2023

    Ancient soil shows part of Greenland was ice-free — and could soon melt again, scientists say

    Long-lost samples of twigs and rocks show that Greenland once lost a tremendous amount of ice under climate conditions very much like the ones humans have created and are currently living in — implying coasts could soon be submerged under several feet of sea level rise.

    July 20, 2023

    Floods, fires and deadly heat are the alarm bells of a planet on the brink

    Massive floods. Record heat. Extreme ocean temperatures. Forest fires burning out of control. Climate alarm bells are ringing all over the planet.

    July 13, 2023

      Earth may be starting a new geological chapter. What is the Anthropocene?

      Sediments at Crawford Lake in Ontario represent the impact human pollution has had on the environment since the mid-20th century, a group of scientists says.

      July 12, 2023

      Crawford Lake shows humans started a new chapter in geologic time, scientists say

      Scientists say Crawford Lake holds the best evidence for humanity’s overwhelming impact on the Earth -- and should be the 'golden spike' for a new geologic epoch.

      July 11, 2023

        Hidden beneath the surface

        Canada's Crawford Lake may hold evidence that humans have fundamentally changed Earth enough to have started the Anthropocene, a new chapter in geologic time.

        June 20, 2023
        • Perspective

        This glacier was a tourist destination. Now it offers a warning.

        Peru’s “Route of Climate Change” takes visitors to a melting glacier — and aims to teach them along the way.

        May 6, 2023