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Gulf Coast temperatures surge to highest levels ever observed

Since late last week, both Houston and New Orleans set all-time highs as water temperatures hover in the upper 80s to near 90

Temperatures were as hot as they get in Southeast Texas and Louisiana on Sunday. (
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A relentless heat dome that has parked over the Gulf Coast region for much of summer reached a climax late last week and this weekend, bringing some of the highest temperatures ever recorded from coastal Texas to southern Alabama.

Houston and New Orleans were among the many locations that observed their hottest weather on record, reaching 109 and 105 degrees, respectively. The all-time high in New Orleans came amid an unprecedented August in which it has set calendar-day record highs on 20 of 28 days. About 175 miles to the east, Pensacola, Fla., has set record highs on 13 days this month.

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